Adding value can be defined as a process with a receiver in the end. To improve the value adding, first step is to know the current state of the value chain and the need of the receiver - where the receiver can be both an internal and / or external customer. When knowing the current state and what´s critical for the receiver and for the business, future state can be defined and improvement activities started.

  • Value stream analysis starts with the high level process mapping and depending on the complexity of the process sub-mapping is needed. - It is important to see all steps in the process as a supplier / customer relation.
  • The voice of the customer (receiver) must always be defined in order to secure that the future state of the value chain generate increased value for the customer
  • Improvement of the value chain and the value adding activities wil lead to:

 ​​​​​​​Improved safety for the employees

 Improved quality level and stability in the process

 Improved delivery performance towards customers

 Reduced lead time and NWC

 Reduced cost due to improved efficiency

  • Involvement of People and competence development are needed in order to have a successful improvement of value adding activities ​​​​​​​ 

Scottnordic has a wide range of tools and models to work with value chain and improvement of value adding activities and we have the practical experience to go from current state to future state. Our approach is holistic and pragmatic and has a high degree of People involvement in order to secure anchoring in the organisation.