Transportation and Logistics services are of highest importance for any player in the market. Despite this fact, Transportation and Logistics is often an overseen category, compared with other management priorities. Typically no detailed track record regarding historically shipment data is available, - further, important measures related to performance is lacking. By developing a clear vision and strategy to cover the Transportation and Logistics process, significantly savings can be achieved 

  • With the aim to build a baseline, in depth analysis of historically shipments, - mapping of costs, and identification of complexity and composition of services, should be prepared. Based on the findings a strategic roadmap are defined to drive the optimization programme.
  • RFQ´s, forms the basis of the first screening and prequalification of possible providers. A more demanding selection and approval process, based on tests, audits and benchmarks, will lead to a final nomination.    
  • By upgrading focus on the transportation process the following improvements can be obtained:

 ​​​​​​​Improved delivery performance towards customers

 Aligned legal terms with providers 

 Improved and aligned insurance coverage 

 Reduced lead time and improved NWC

 In general reduced transportation costs 

  • Involvement of People, and upgrading capabilities are two important levers when the Transportation and Logistics proces, are to be lifted to the next level. ​​​​​​​ 

Scottnordic has the tools and models to structure and create transparency related to Transportation and Logistics processes, further we can support in setting the future agenda and objectives. Finally we have the experience to predict and overcome any pitfall when moving the strategy to reality.