General Cost Survey´s 

We have the tools and methodologies to prepare thorough X-ray analysis of your cost structure. Based on experience and benchmarks we can provide a wide range of saving opportunities, sized and balanced  with pain/gain estimates versus time to bottom-line. Once your saving potentials are uncovered, we have the strength and endurance to ensure the capitalization.

Transportation and Logistics

Based on inbound and outbound logistics analysis we advice in finding the most efficient logistics solution, taking both delivery performance and Net Working Capital into consideration. Among others, our services includes; -  Preparation of decision basis. Search, - selection and approval of 3PL providers. Structuring flow and working processes to be beneficial for all parties.

Sourcing and Procurement

We have the competences to move your sourcing process to an excellent level, by supporting the development and execution of Sourcing Strategies. We have practical experience with Global Sourcing, Reverse Marketing, Category Management and Supplier Search and Selection.  

Performance Management Systems

We have the experience in developing and implementing "Performance Management Systems", tailor-made to meet specific requirements. Our solutions are equipped with the right selection of effective KPI measures, expressing actual performance gaps in a clear and easy understandable way.

CSR and Compliance

Over a decade, we have gained experience with Corporate Social Responsibility in a global context. Our estimates gives excellent indications of CSR impact on the financial performance. Further we offer tailor made auditing programs with sources externally to prove performance. 

RISK Management and Legal Assessment

RISK Management is a fundamental aspect of Supply Chain Management. We have the capability to assess your legal obligations and commitments. Further we can support development of efficient RISK Review procedures with the aim to mitigate RISK when operating different Supply Chains.

Value Engineering

High level methodology to take the sourcing activities to the next level, and generate product savings by having focus on trade-offs, between customer value, - and product cost. By ensuring knowledge about actual product costs, listening to the voice of the customer, - and activate cross functional teams, = value engineering can be realized. We have the tools and pragmatic approach, to drive value engineering activities.


Knowing your People and organisational readiness, combined with clear strategic objectives and directions, are the first steps towards a higher organisational performance. Scottnordic can perform a "People Review" and identify your gaps and needs to keep staffs empowered. We have the programs and practical experience to prepare your People for the challenges of tomorrow.

Value Chain Analysis

By mapping interaction and flow we are clarifying whether, cost, waste or value is being added to a process. Our technique is designed to identify non-value adding activities, clarify needed changes and draw up a roadmap to gain a competitive lean enterprise.

Outsourcing and Make or Buy 

We have the tools and models to calculate and support Make or Buy considerations. Further we have the experience to prepare the basis for deciding where and how a vertical integration process with sources externally, can be introduced. As independent advisors we don´t call for any subjective assessment related to Make or Buy decisions.

Programme Management

We have the ability to manage and support implementation of extensive development programs among our clients. Our tools are well-proven and structured to ensure full control during execution, enabling a well balanced level of pace. Further we ensure project reporting and anchoring of results captured.

CAPEX Procurement

We have the capability to link technically, commercially and financial requirements related to CAPEX procurement. Legally we have experience with EU tender regulations, extended maintenance programs, and CE demands and marking. Further we can prepare cost and benefit analysis and support the final estimation of P/L effects.

Our standard way forward ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Proactive analytics and a pragmatic approach are just a few of our characteristics! 


X-Ray analysis of cost structures spend-analysis and opportunity assessment


Prioritisation of tasks, time to bottom-line, and long termed strategy development.


Game Plan, resource planning, detailed to-do-list, and timing.


KPI selection, monitoring and reporting of results achieved.