Programme management is designed to guide the organisation through the execution, refining and re-focussing as necessary along the way. Performance measurement and progress reporting are cornerstones when working with Programme execution. This, to keep track on improvements, and to have a proper foundation and communication for decision making during the programme period.

  • Opportunities and activities are linked to a baseline and prioritisation chart including targets, timeframe and obstacles.
  • Planning of activities, resources and competencies on opportunity level and activity level.
  • Balance pace of guidance and execution. Progress, gaps identification, refining and actions needed.
  • Performance management systems in place for selected KPI´s in order to measure benefits of realised opportunities and finalised activities compared with baseline
  •  Prioritsation of activities according to Pain / Gain calculations and time to bottom-line.  ​​​​​​​ 

Whether the horizon of the improvement programme is short or long, Scottnordic has the tools and capabilities to act as Programme Office for our clients. We see Programme management as a discipline providing status, RISK, gaps, progress and actions needed throughout execution of the programme - from strategy to realisation.