The purpose of Performance Management is to measure results of the efforts and time invested in implementation of changes, - leading to improvement of the Enterprise margin. The impact can be measured directly or indirectly depending on the hierarchically structure of the Enterprise. Performance indicators are creating transparency in achievement of the strategically objectives and financial targets.

  • The range of performance indicators have to be aligned both vertically and horizontally across the organization.
  • Performance indicators have to be linked to upper strategical targets.
  • Keywords to succesfully performance monitoring are:

 ​​​​​​​Selected Key Performance Indicators have to be easy measurable and understandable among staffs

 The way performance indicators are visualized and communicated is important

 Updated KPI´s should be reported on a frequently basis

 Management attention, involvement and follow-up is needed

 Calculation methodologies and principles should be opened to the entire staff

  • Management have to prioritize allocations of resources to implement corrective actions, should performance indicators move in the wrong direction. ​​​​​​​ 

It is our passion to optimize and create the changes needed to gain improvements. We are committed to achieve and deliver proven results for our clients. We have the levers and experience to shape a strong performance oriented culture. Performance is the essential part of our DNA.