In our belief, succesfully managed companies have well structured plans for developing their people. Leaders with the right balance between competence, confidence and courage are essential to ensure a continously sustainable growth and value adding progress. We have developed a wide range of training programmes to support our clients in constantly developing their staffs 

  •  One of our basic People analysis, is the screening and benchmark of capabilities up against best in class teams. We are identifying potential gaps and customising training sessions to lift competencies to the level desired.   
  •  Readiness to change is needed to realize innovative ideas. We are supporting international based clients, by directly or indirectly effecting personal and interpersonal relations, during planning and implementation of scale changes.   
  • By running one or more of our People development programmes the following improvement potentials will be captured shortly:

 Improved grade of satisfaction among your people

 Improved output and stability in all processes

 Improved customer satisfaction

 Reduced absence due to illness 

 Reduced cost due to improved efficiency

  • Involvement of People and competence development are needed in order to obtain a successfully improvement of value adding activities  

Scottnordic has many years experience with organisational developments in a global context. We have taken leadership or supported establishment of companies in more than twenty different countries abroad. Our experience includes settlement, merging and demerging, followed by integration processes. Our proven approach takes both culture differences and organisational readiness to change, into consideration.