Managing outsourcing is a powerful lever to reduce cost and gain flexibility to the agile supply chain. Outsourcing is closely linked with strategic mapping of core competencies and value adding processes, which always have to be maintained and developed in house. This, followed by make or buy analysis on the categories and processes outsourced.

  • Complexity in the supply chain, product categories and processes to be outsourced can be difficult to overcome when managing a succesfully outsourcing programme.
  • Planning and Research both internally and externally are fundamental levers to support the make or buy solution and prepare for a succesfully outsourcing course. 
  • Assessment and management of performance gaps, by improving performance across a wide variety of dimensions such as quality, cost, cycle time, productivity are essential areas to address, throughout the execution phase.
  •  Control of pre and -postcalculations and general follow up on cost lowering actions, by comparing prices from own manufacturing versus prices from sources externally, should be an ongoing activity. This, to ensure best possible competitive positioning in the market. ​​​​​​​   ​​​​​​​ 

Scottnordic has the skills and practical experience to drive cross functional outsourcing projects from the start of the strategic mapping -> to implementation of selected and approved suppliers. Through our pragmatic way of working we ensure anchoring in the organisation.