Today Scottnordic holds one of the strongest teams, working in the Consulting industry

Scottnordic offers a full range of services for profesionally and corporate clients. Strong competitive advantages of an experienced and ambitious team brought fifty percent more clients to serve, last year. 

Main areas of activity - General cost saving , Sourcing and Procurement, Outsourcing and Make or Buy, Value Engineering, Organisational development, Legal and RISK assessment, Performance Management Systems.

Harmonious work of our team, proactive analytics and the latest technological solutions allow us to see unique saving opportunities. Using our benefits, we offer the best optimisation solutions.

Latest News - Update

Februar - 2017

New Scottnordic headquarter:

As per February 1st. 2017, Scottnordic moves it´s Headquarter to Aalborg located in the Northern part of Jutland. The new company addresses is Scottnordic Consulting, Niels Jernes vej 10, 9220 Aalborg Ø

January - 2017

New Partner joins Scottnordic Consulting: 

As per January 1st. 2017 Jesper Barkholt, joined Scottnordic Consulting in a position as Partner. Jesper Barkholt is coming from a position as Manufacturing Manager at Alfa Laval Aalborg, and has primary focus within the field of Value Chain Management.

September 2016

Scottnordic Consulting adds Legal Assessment to their Product Portfolio

From September Scottnordic has extended its product portfolio to include legal & RISK assessment and legislative advisory, also.

June - 2016

New Partner joins Scottnordic Consulting;

As per June Lone Broberg former Vice President at Alfa Laval Aalborg, has joined Scottnordic Consulting, in a position as Partner. Lone has a lot of experience within Human Resource Management, with primary focus on Organisational development, Change Management and Company Culture Analysis.