The purpose of the legal analysis is to identify potential RISK, by assessing the legislative obligations related to sourcing. Further to address the gaps between obligations signed for in sales contracts and the level of same, transferred to suppliers. 

  • A RISK policy for when, what, where - it is mandatory to enter into legal contracts with suppliers, should be in place. The minimum content of contracts have to be defined, also.  
  • Different legal templates have to be aligned in terms of definitions, headlines and wording. Further the hierarchical order of priority between different templates, should be addressed and settled before entering a cooperation.    
  • Among others, our scope of legal templates have the following content:

 General Purchase Terms

 Non Disclosure Agreements

 Frame Agreements

 On Site Agreements

 Service Agreements

 Contracts appropriate for CAPEX procurement 

  • Our focus is to put the legal assessment into our economic framework. The integration of the legal and economic mindset is what sets our RISK analysis apart. 

Scottnordic has the capability to combine commercially aspects with legal obligations, - balancing RISK Exposure and Power of Attorney policies. We have the experience to assess level of RISK, define preventive actions and ensure legal coverage, - all together, with the objective to mitigate RISK to the highest extend possible.