When working with CSR and Compliance policies it is necessary to know the risk and gaps within the existing supply chain. Methods to comply with CSR and Compliance in the supply chain can be difficult to develop and implement but also a challenging and time consuming task to maintain.

  • Working with CSR and compliance is an overall strategic direction which has a high impact on the design of the supply chain and the involved supplier base.
  • For companies with a complex and / or comprehensive supplier base, systematically work is needed to continuously lowering RISK.
  • The enablers for a succesful way of working with CSR and Compliance in the supply chain are:

 ​​​​​​​Close link to overall company CSR and Compliance policies

 Proper balance of RISK and cost

 Knowledge about the SRM positioning of the supplier base

 Identification and mapping of supplier RISK levels, gaps and needed actions

 Status and progress reporting


Scottnordic has a holistic approach to work with CSR and Compliance in the supply chain to secure link to overall policies. Our CSR and Compliance programme is based on a pragmatic and "keep it simple" method covering identification of supplier risk level, needed actions and progress reporting. Further we offer to prepare audits in the field, to prove compliance.