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    Additional power to your Value Chain!
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    Provider of excellent performance management
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    Practical experience and proven solutions!

Benefits provided by performance improvements and cost reductions!


The largest cost area within companies is related to sourcing and procurement.

We can assess saving opportunities, - develop sourcing strategies, - and ensure capitalization!


Operations is the backbone of value adding activities and the control of processes and value streams. We have the tools to improve value adding activities, - both internally and externally! 


People creates differentiation. We develop People to take ownership of changes and performance. Our training programs is rooted in the daily operation, ensuring commitment and a winning attitude!


One of our core disciplines is execution and implementation of strategies. We ensure anchoring of changes and deliver systems for monitoring improvements and performance!

We know how to stream-line your Value Chain in the most efficient way! 

... and have the practical experience and tools for immediate change and improvements!

General Cost Survey

We have the tools to prepare X-ray analysis of cost and spend pools, and support with a wide range of saving opportunities!

Sourcing and Procurement

We can upgrade sourcing processes to a higher level, by providing sourcing excellence experience, from trained sourcing professionals!

Value Chain analysis

We have the technique to identify non-value adding activities, clarify needed changes, and map the road to gain the Lean Enterprise of the future!

Latest testimonial received:

  • "We have been using Scottnordic in a facilitator role to drive the development of our supply chain relationsship across the Business Unit and Operations within Alfa Laval. The capabilities of Scottnordic to understand our business structure and challenges have been very useful in the facilitation of the supply chain development"

       Martijn Bergink

       President BU Boilers and Gas Systems

       Alfa Laval AB